Add Spa Therapy Color Lighting to your Bathroom for cheap

Changes in the color of light can greatly affect your mood. Anything from lighting a candle to being outside on a sunny day light can change your perception of the present.  I had and old electric heater in my wall that was more of an electrocution hazard than a heater so I decided to install a color changing LED into the unit to give a spa like ambiance during bath time.  If you don’t have a heating unit it is possible you could cut a hole in your  wall, cut a piece of aluminum and plexiglass to make a box from scratch, though it will be slightly more difficult.  I had the wiring and everything all ready in the wall so I couldn’t resist this project.  First I purchased a remote controled LED light for under $20.   This LED is nice because you can select what color you want it on or it has different color changing effects it can do between the 12 colors.

Next I added a lamp socket and a new switch to the old heater. I heat shrinked all the connections around the switch and lamp base to lessen the possiblility of it being an electrical hazard. I tied to to the electrical box and screwed the face back to the wall.  It was a fairly simple project that has got a lot of use around our house. The light output is pretty bright for such a small light. It could also be used as a night light since it only uses 3 watts of power.

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