Easy to make ghost for halloween – Spooky halloween prop

To build this ghost all you need are styrofoam wig heads, cheese cloth, glue, a brush and, an eye hook.

First take cheese cloth and make 4 layers of cheese cloth.  You may need 2 packages of cheese cloth per ghost.  Drape cheese cloth over the styrofoam head.  Brush on some glue to expose the mannequins facial features. Leave the neck and under the chin unglued.

I used some watered down Elmer’s glue and it seams to be holding well, but you may want to go with a heaver duty glue if you will be using them outside.  Let it dry over night.  Put an eye hook in the top of the mannequin’s head and hang with some fishing line. I made three ghosts total and made them black light sensitive for an even better effect. For more information on make your ghosts black light sensitive check out my easy to follow instructions here.

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