Laminate flooring panels slipping apart – best fix?

Had my house about 6 years, it was refurbished and flipped by the guy we bought it from and have had many years of fun fixing the crap job they did with it (looked great on the surface, underneath it was shoddy).The latest one is I’ve noticed a couple of the flooring panels slipping apart….

Question about painting kitchen cabinets.

I know repainting wood cabinets is definitely doable, however I have laminate kitchen cabinets. I’ve googled, and watched YouTube videos of people doing it but I’m wondering if it’s actually long term. Will it stick? Will it stay? Does it actually look good? via /r/DIY

Fridge works only on power frost mode.

Hello everyone, I have recently bought a used fridge. I am a student and live in a dorm, and I have bought it from another student in a cheap price. The fridge is a nordland dd 275. It has a couple of cracks inside and it gathers some frost in the inner walls. The problem…