Replacing a ?blown capacitor? on monitor motherboard

My son’s monitor stopped working.As a father and son project we cracked it open to see what we could learn.Between the 19v power supply and the 3A fuse we saw a damaged tiny cylinder of glass with copper inside and a black stripe painted on the outside. It had raised up from one side of its soldered spot. I originally tried to bridge the gap with a tiny piece of wire to see if the glass cylinder was still functional, but in preparing to do so I popped the piece loose.We think it is a capacitor. But we aren’t sure.I have linked to a decent picture of the motherboard with the missing spot clearly seen, then a couple of low resolution pictures of the piece.Is it a capacitor? Where will I figure out its specifications so that I can order a new one? realize that this monitor, by itself, is hardly worth the investment in labor to save it. The value is in the education of the father and son project. We will be very thankful if any Reddit experts can point us in the right direction.Thanks for your help.I will try to take a better picture of the “blown capacitor.” via /r/DIY

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