Searching for a part


no clue what the name of this might be. If anyone can help or send me in the right direction to continue my search it would be greatly appreciated, even a different subreddit that might be better suited to answer. I am looking for two things. One of them is basically what I would describe as cap-on threading. Imagine you had a cylindrical metal rod with no threads at the end. With this piece I am searching for, it would be a cap, placed over the end of the rod and glued onto it, which is smooth on the inside and threaded on the outside, so now the rod has threads at its end and can be screwed into something. The second piece I am looking for is basically the opposite, an inverted version of the same thing. A piece where, if you had a hole, say in a piece of wood, you could insert this cap, glue it into the hole, and now you’d have a hole that you can screw and unscrew a bolt or rod into. Hope this makes sense. via /r/DIY

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