Bathroom renovation

on Colorado craftsman built in 1929.I pulled the tub, vanity, toilet & tile. The ceiling had particle board squares glued to it. I tried steaming the glue, using goo spray, and a rigid multi tool to no avail. The only thing that worked was a scraper tool & a hammer.The tub drain wouldn’t budge with a rigid multi drain tool, which broke the crossbars of the drain. A hammer & chisel couldn’t get it to move either. Brute force ripped the pipe off. A buddy helped me carry the heavy steel tub out of the house.Then I discovered the lead drain pipe, which was off center from the new tub overflow & drain, even with the same dimension as the old tub, 30”x60”. The pipe led to a drum trap. I cut out the drum trap and strapped on a rubber sleeve to install a pvc p-trap for the tub drain.I am about to set the new tub & work from the basement bathroom. The local plumbing store sold me a bunch of compression fittings for the new tub drain & overflow.My understanding is I will need a 12”x12” access panel if I’m using the compression joints under the tub. Is that accurate? via /r/DIY

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