Converting 3 prong dryer outlet to four prong


Hi all!We are trying to determine how difficult it is to DIY 3 prong dryer plug conversion or whether we should keep our adapter, or pay an electrician.This is our current plug and we need to switch it so that it fits one of these. Seems pretty straightforward from research I’ve done and vids I’ve watched (if there is an existing ground), which is not something I often feel when I’m looking up doing anything electric. If it doesn’t have an existing ground, we are for sure calling the electrician.Normally I’d get an electrician to do anything we need when it comes to electric, but he wants $225 if there is a ground wire already there and $500 if he needs to install a breaker/grounding wire. I’m fine with paying the $500 if the breaker needs to be installed because it’s far more specialized than I would be comfortable handling, but $225 seems steep for something that looks like it’s pretty straightforward and probably won’t take us terribly long.Am I missing something really big as a reason why we shouldn’t DIY this? I mean, other than the “if you mess up you might start a fire”. From the vid it looked so straightforward that it should be easy to avoid anything catastrophic as long as we are careful.Alternately, we currently have an adapter that works fine, so should leave well enough alone and keep the adapter until we go to sell the house (might still be another 8-10 years for that) and just wait and make sure code doesn’t change?Thanks! via /r/DIY

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