Using a stud/metal detector to locate copper wiring


I can see lots of stud/metal detectors which list they can detect wiring but they usually specifically say ‘electrical wiring’ so I’m not 100% sure they could pick up just none electrical copper wiring such as aerial cabling?I have an old TV aerial (UK) which is just copper and so is not magnetic which runs from the ground floor, past the second floor and into the attic. It’s coming out the wall on a socket on the ground floor and I need to locate it on second floor wall.The wall is brick and I think a channel has been made and plastered over for the cable run but the wall has wallpaper/paint etc so I can’t see any signs of the run by the naked eye.I’ve tried using a strong magnet before realising that it’s not magnetic :/Would a stud/metal detector still be able to detect this before I spend money on one?I thought they used magnets?Thanks via /r/DIY

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