Disconnecting Daisy-Chained Phone Outlet


I’m about to repaint a room and figured I would remove some unused outlets and patch and paint over them however I’ve never done this before. My question stems from the phone outlet.​Phone OutletI live in an Apartment building. I removed the phone jack and have determined it is daisy-chained and looks like this:https://ift.tt/3s1kz1d can see the larger wires inside the box and then there are the tiny ones connected to the jack / outlet. From what I can tell, I only need to remove those tiny thin wires that connect to the jack however I am unsure if they are powered or not.Can anybody help guide me through a safe way to disconnect these tiny thin wires or if its just a matter of cut and shove into the wall.Thanks! via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/2MI42iD

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