Help with choosing the sheeting material


Hello everyone!Fair noob here, I’m making a project of a murphy bed with couch (you can check it here!Avc4yXxrcYTY4EOY5_ThnPofMF2c?e=eD9RQ1 )The bed frame (grey elements inside the bed box) is made of pine, however, the rest of the bed should use Plywood sheets (3/4″ or 18mm). But even poplar plywood is being too expensive for my budget. So I was considering using OSB (also 3/4″ or 18mm)However, someone indicated that MDF was a better option than OSB for this project. But wherever I look online, almost everyone says that it can only be used for decorative furniture and that it will sag and flex overtime.So, what do you guys recomend? Any tips to save money? via /r/DIY

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