Need advice on whether building a shower pan/floor/liner is DIY because the plumber refuses to do it


I have a local plumber installing a new shower in my bathroom. The previous installation done by a friend failed to build a proper pan/floor/liner (I’m not sure the term) and the shower was bouncy. Eventually, after a couple of months of use, water went through the subfloor and dripped into the ceiling and onto the floor below. Caulking the area around the drain seemed to fix it for a couple of weeks and then back to leaking, leading the plumber to suggest the flex of the shower flower was constantly tearing the seam around the drain, and with nothing to hold my weight properly, it would continue to leak.I’ve saved up to have the shower installed and have the unit picked out for the plumber to install, but he will not touch the pan/floor/liner because he says it’s an architectural job. I’ve seen a few videos online and I’ve seen it posted here a couple of times and I have a couple of questions.​Should I be worried that the plumber doesn’t want to do that part of the job or is nervous about it? He says he’s not insured for that type of workIs this the kind of thing that one could do if they spend the time and right money? I have no rush and am a novice at home reno and fixing but could get a handy friend or two to superviseCan these be built prior to the shower installation or are do they have to be customized to the shower in question? My worry is that I build it a certain way and then the shower that comes in does not fit in place. via /r/DIY

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