Anyone know how to work with Epoxy Resin?


I’m trying something new here, and I’m super nervous I’m going to screw it up.I painted a custom mug as a gift for my friend. The ENTIRE Thing is painted (it’s 3d-printed) and I want her to be able to use it as an actual drinking device, so I want to coat it in a foodsafe epoxy. Because of the shape of the mug, Epoxy really seemed like the best option– I also want to get rid of all the divots and crevasses in the surface of the plastic, so that there’s no chance of bacterial growth, etc.However, I’m only seeing instructions on how to pour, not how to paint on resin.Is it possible to paint on a resin coat without the mug looking AWFUL? I’ve never worked with resin before, and I’m SO nervous about screwing up the mug I’ve spent hours on. I’ve worked really hard on it and this is the last step.I’ve tried googling it but sources are either conflicting or just too confusing for me to come to any conclusions. Any advice here would be appreciated; I’m new to DIY stuff too, so any sort of feedback, even if it’s about something else I did on this project, would be appreciated as well! I’m trying to become better at crafting and things with my hands.Thank you so much! via /r/DIY

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