My two toilets share a wall. When I flush one the water level in the other drops. Help?


As the title says. I noticed a low water level in my toilet the other day. It shares a wall with my master bath toilet. When I flush either toilet the water level in the other one drops.I did some research and it looks like there’s a possible drain venting issue. I got on the roof and found 3 vents. I think theres one for the washer, one for the bathrooms and one for the kitchen. I stuck a hose down the one for the washer and it was clear.I stuck a hose down the one for the bathrooms and it seems like either there’s something hard lodged in there or a bend in the drain vent pipe at about 5ft below the roof level. I don’t see any reason why there would be a bend in the vent pipe. I can’t see anything down there with a flashlight. Is the next step to run some water down the vent? Snake it maybe? Or should I just call a plumber and be done with it.There’s no urgency. I haven’t smelled any sewer gas or anything. Just a dropping water level. via /r/DIY

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