Replacing double light switch, not working right.


Hey guys, hoping you can help. I’m a relatively new homeowner and this simple repair isn’t going how I planned!The double light switch in my bathroom broke (one of the toggles just literally snapped off — it’s old). I bought a new one, but it’s not working right. It’s supposed to be lights on the top, fan on the bottom.Here’s the old one. The black wires were screwed into the side where they’re close together without a tab. The white wires were screwed into the side where they’re further spaces, with a tab.The old one, white wires where on this sideThe old one, black wires were on this side.The new one I got is kind of the other way around — it has one side where they’re further apart without a tab, and the other is close together with a tab.I put the black wires on the further apart/no tab side, and only the top switch works — turns on both the lights and the fan simultaneously. The bottom switch does nothing.Tried switching it to the closer together/tab side, and it trips my circuit breaker when I try to turn it back on.What am I missing? via /r/DIY

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