Water based paint on top of oil based


So I’m painting my skirting board white, I prepped my boards, sanded them down and filled in any holes. I used a water based white paint for my undercoat and gave it two coats. There was then abit of filling to be done between the wall and the board, so I filled that in and sand it down to the same size, that was just to the top of the boards, so they required painting again, just a touch up, I couldn’t find the can of paint I was using for my undercoat and instead found a can of white undercoat that is oil based, I didn’t realise it was oil based, how ever I didnt realise from even smelling it, anyways I put it onto the area it needed, now what I want to know is can I go over that area with water based paint for the finish coat, would i be able to give it two coats to prevent it from cracking? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/2Xn3vEZ

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