Where do I attach the rails for the curtains? Inside the recessed part or outside on the ceiling?


Here’s the place in question: https://ift.tt/3op03W6 the recess to these two look quite big and my first assumption would be to put the rail for the curtains inside this recess. But then I started looking online, and every time I see the rail or the bar being outside, but the recess they have is not that big. Since I don’t exactly trust my imagination with how the end result will look, I decided to ask for your input.One possibility I imagine is to have two wide pieces of curtain, covering that whole area from left to right, wall to wall, with the left part being long to that ledge under the window and the right from the top to the floor. This way might be a bit more limiting, because the standard sizes for curtains are usually 140cm here.The second way is inside the window and door recessed areas.Third way is mounting rails above the recesses, but I can’t imagine how it should be. Two rails for each? One rail that spans both?What do you think would be a good looking approach? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3bt1Wh3

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