Waxing softwood guitar body, can I make it more durable.


Brought a DIY telecaster guitar kit from eBay, I sanded and wax polished it to bring out the grain and it looks great. However I can literally just run my fingernail down it and it’s scratched, leaving an impression on the body.I’m yet to assemble it, and wondering if there’s something I can do beforehand to make it a little more resistant to dings and scratches whilst maintaining a natural grain polished shiny finish.EDIT – thanks for the posts so far…. Suddenly I’m thinking a shiny wax finish with a few dings won’t be so bad after all!I’ve already sanded the body to make it nice and curvy rather than the ‘boxy’ traditional shape, ‘I’m going to maybe fine sand again to minimise the little indents already on it and then build it and play it to see if it’s a useful instrument with a good sound or just a pretty thing to hang on the wall.If I fall in love with the sound and feel of the guitar I will maybe get another kit and start again. The upside with the softness of the wood is it only took like three hours of hand sanding the body to make the changes I wanted to the shape of the body. With the price of the kit it’s not a huge problem to get another one and start afresh with a clear hard non wax finish. via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3bpl1jX

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