Help: Accidentally drilled into pink fluff. What do?


This is the first diy thing that I’ve ever tried to do and I’m trying to drill in a hole in my wall for a tiny shelf. I already added a few of the tiny shelves to another wall and that went fine, I used a stud finder to check for studs and electrical currents, drilled into an area where it didn’t detect anything, it went right in without resistance, and then I put the drywall anchor in and the shelf.I tried to do it again to another wall, checked everything again with the stud finder, and then I hit resistance when I tried to drill in. I was worried there might have been some kind of wire shielding or something my stud finder didn’t detect, so I stopped right away. Now that I think about it though, could that have just been wood I was hitting because my neighbor would be on the other side of that wall?Anyway, here’s where we get to the problem I have now. I drilled into the wall next to the window, this time it went in easily, but it pulled out some pink fluffy stuff with it. I’m guessing that’s insulation and hopefully not asbestos, but I have no idea what that even looks like. Is it alright for me to drill another hole in the pink stuff and plug it with the drywall anchor or did I screw up by drilling into this? via /r/DIY

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