Help me salvage this table?? (link to picture)


I wanted to create a structure to put over this couch so I could store stuff neatly over it. I used 4 (4×4) posts and put in some screws through the top to anchor the plywood to the posts. (not exactly master woodworking, I know). I’m going to attach some side pieces to the posts for further stability. After some thought, I’m regretting not building a frame underneath the table so plywood itself is more stable to bear more weight.My problem is that the plywood top is cut perfectly to barely cover the area of the couch. So the legs can’t really be moved in further. Just would rather not purchase another piece of plywood. Is there a way I can make a frame that would be sturdy where the frame is on the inside of the legs? Or just any other framing technique to make this table stronger? Link to picture is below. Thank you!! via /r/DIY

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