Some guidance on what will have been used around my windows


Hi there, I recently (couple of months ago) got new upvc windows installed, and the team put in fresh wood trim around the edge of the box.The sealant that has been used between the plastic frame and the bottom wood appears to be silicone as far as I’ve been able to find out, but along the corners between separate pieces of wood there’s a different white substance that I can’t work out: it’s not hard like filler, but is a lot less pliable than the silicone sealant: would this be likely to be caulk?The reason I ask is that since installation things seem to have shifted a couple of mm and both of those substances have pulled apart a little: I think any movement has stopped but now I’d like to replace the sealant and the other thing for a clean line before I paint the wood.In your experience, would this frame have been sealed up with normal decorating caulk? via /r/DIY

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