Adding Electrical to an Enclosed Trailer


Hey DIY crew!I’ve poked around at existing posts and I’ve gotten some ideas/understanding but I am still not seeing a clear path.We have an enclosed trailer used for rescue mostly. We would like to add more exterior lighting (scene and emergency) as well as internal outlets to support a coffee pot, tool charging, a TV potentially, etc.My thought was to have an auto eject plug like our trucks have (something like this That would power the outlets when the trailer is parked in station. Then inside I expected to have a small panel for a couple circuits.I was thinking a battery or two would be nice to run the outlets and lights when on scene and when a generator isn’t available to be hooked up to the auto eject.I just feel like I can’t find a good “follow these steps” or diagram of how to best go about this. I have residential electrical experience but this seems to be a whole different fieldThanks in advance! via /r/DIY

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