Removing oil based stain from birch butcher block


Help me restore and salvage my birch butcher block and remove stainHow this mess looks currentlyI had found a great deal on slabs of birch butcher block. However I’ve never worked with birch before. I understand it’s more difficult to stain evenly, without blotches.I bought three 8 ft sections and due to waiting on a cabinet to be delivered I stained 2 of the sections first and they turned out pretty nice. I had to use 2 coats of stain to get the color we wanted. The 3rd and current slab I want help with, I tried to speed up the process and let the stain sit for 5ish minutes instead of wipe on/off as I did prior. Well obviously didn’t turn out well. The color was pretty close to what I wanted but the grain was obviously darkened and did not blend well. I had used wood conditioner prior and I did on the other slabs. I wouldn’t say it turned blotchy just that the grain was very dark and not attractive.So here I am. I just sanded this down starting with 40 grit up to 80,120,220. Twice. Wetting wood slightly on my second go. I was not able to knock down the dark grain much aside from stripping the rest of the wood just fine. I used minwax golden oak oil stain. I’ve read that the dye can penetrate deep into the grain and that bleaching may help remove. 2 coats of bleach and I just used vinegar to neutralize prior to these pictures and I did not see much of a difference , if at all. Can you help me from scrapping this piece? It was the last slab the store had and I’m unable to order anymore due to no quantity left. via /r/DIY

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