Questions about installing my washer/dryer


Hi /r/DIY!My wife and I recently closed on our first home, which did not come with a washer/dryer. We were gifted units that are a few years old by a relative who was getting new ones, so now all I have to do is hook them up. I’ve watched hot to videos, I’ve gone to Home Depot and bought some supplies and scoured their shelves, and now I’m actually doing it and of course I have questions. Thanks to anyone who can help!1) When I connected the washer to the spigots and turned them on, my cold faucet started dripping. What’s weird is it’s not dripping from connection, it’s dripping from higher up on the spigot. Then, after I turned it back off, it kept dripping a bit, and there were also some air bubbles coming out. I took some videos: does that mean and do I need new spigots, or is it something about how I connected the line?2) The videos I watched online made it seem really easy to connect the water discharge hose from the washing machine, and the guy just kinda shoved it in there, but I’m worried that it’s not attached in any way. I saw one video where it was attached to kind of a plastic hook that sat in the opening, but I didn’t see them at Home Depot. Is just sitting in there really how this is supposed to work, or an I missing something?2a) The video said the drain needs to be at least 39″ off the ground, and mine is very close to too short. It’s 39″ at the top of the drain, but the hose will sit 37-38″ off the ground realistically. Is this likely to be a problem or is that close enough? Here’s pics: Connecting my dryer-vent pipe to the dryer itself was no problem, but on the wall I wasn’t sure what to do. What was actually sticking out of the wall was basically some kind of cloth with a wire woven into it that was actually loose and protruding at the end. I was able to get the vent pipe all the way around the outside of it, but I’m worried because A) It doesn’t seem like there’s much for the pipe to grab onto or the hose-clamp to tighten around. There’s a whole hard metal piece on the dryer so it makes sense, but the cloth on the wall seems suspect, and B) I read that you don’t want anything in the pipe that will grab lint, but it seems like having that cloth and wire in there is likely to do that. Will that be a fire hazard?3a) I’m paranoid that that’s too much curve in my dryer hose or that I didn’t stretch it out enough or that I stretched it out too much and messed it up, or whatever else. Basically this just seems a lot jankier than I remember washers and dryers being usually. Can someone reassure me? Here’s pics:, that’s where I’m at with both. Not going to use either one right now or anything until I resolve these questions. Thanks! via /r/DIY

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