Adding panels to interior Stucco wall


Prior homeowners added a small mudroom type entryway, but left the stucco exposed. The added wall and door look fine, with vertical wood paneling. I am planning to add wood paneling to the exposed stucco wall, and I was curious if anyone has thoughts about my plan:Step 1- cut and mount 4×1 pressure treated boards to the stucco with tapcon screws/hammer drill horizontally at the top middle and bottom of the wall. *Question: the stucco is bumpy, should I be worried about the boards making contact with the wall? Step 2- pre-mark the interlocking wood panels where I will need to screw them to the boards, and cut to size Step 3- one at a time, set a panels on the wall interlocking with previous panel, and screw at the the points I marked Step 4- add trim Step 5 – prime and paint *question: should I prime and paint before I install? Step 6- add coat hooksAny feedback is very welcome! via /r/DIY

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