How to stop drill bit from binding when drilling into metal and getting damaged in the chuck?


Hope this is the right subreddit for this. If not, please point me in the right direction :)I’m trying to drill some 5-10mm holes in 1-1.5mm thick steel. I’m using a DeWalt DCD777 18V cordless drill with Bosch HSS bits. Both the drill and the bits are brand new.No matter what I do, the bit almost always binds into the metal, starts twisting inside the chuck, and gets damaged. The hole ends up looking ragged.Photo of damaged bits. You can see, especially on the bottom of the bigger one, how the inside of the chuck rips into the bits.The resulting holesI’ve read (and seen in some YouTube videos) that the bit tends to bite deep into the metal just as it exits the hole, but I’m not even sure this is what is happening here.Things I’ve tried:Plenty of downward force on the drill as it drills (chips are coming out nice and big), then easing off once I feel it’s close to punching through (though I’m not sure I actually time it right, I don’t have any experience on how it should feel).Used low speed. I’m keeping the drill on the first speed, and not pushing the trigger even close to the limit.Tightened and locked the chuck: one hand on tool, one hand on chuck sleeve, tightened until it ratchets, then back it off a bit to engage the lock. At least that’s how I understood I have to do it, but I tried it without backing off too, with the same results.(Edit) Forgot to mention:Clamped the steel piece to the worktable. It doesn’t budge.Used a punch to start off the hole.Drilled pilot holes with a smaller bit before working my way up to the bigger ones.Used oil (bicycle chain oil, because that’s all I had on hand, but still, shouldn’t matter this much, right?)I’m sure I must be doing something wrong. Is this something that improves with experience, or is there something else going on? Am I damaging the drill somehow? Also, even though I 100% blame myself, not the tool, is there a possibility that there’s something wrong with the drill? Or the bits?Thanks! via /r/DIY

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