Ideas to mount 90degrees off a threaded rod


This is my first ever post on Reddit so sorry for any issues or faux pas.I have a small rubbermaid shed which has some options for mounting shelves and certain accessories directly to the wall. The wall has several grooves that, at intervals, enter a 1/4″ diameter channel. These channels are what their accessories sit in. Their accessories, for lack or a better word, suck.I want to put 1/4″ threaded rods, with a nut to prevent them from falling all the way through, into these channels and build out from there. The problem is finding hardware that allows me build out from these threaded rods at 90degrees, kind of like an upside down L, where the vertical component is the threaded rod. Ideally, this would put out a new threaded section which I could bolt pegboard or stuff to.I hope this all makes sense.I’ve been searching McMaster-Carr but that’s a needle in a really awesome haystack.Any guidance?EDIT: Found a picture of the factory stock anchor that doesn’t seem to be available for purchase. The threaded rod would be the “plain” vertical section of the anchor and the horizontal section would be the piece I’m looking for.​ via /r/DIY

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