Do I need a vent for my dryer that is outside?


My parents just gave me their old dryer, I don’t know the exact model, but it’s a Whirpool Excel Dry/Supreme Capacity (It says so in the front), it works with gas and has a hole on the back where the vent is supposed to go.My parents had it inside their house, but I will have it in a roofed area in my backyard. Will I need to buy and install a vent or I can just use it like that considering it’s on the outside? I’ve looked all over the internet about this, but I’ve only found posts about how it is necessary to have venting if it’s inside the house, but none say anything about it being outside.EDIT: It will not be in an enclosed area or a shed, it’s a roofed area without walls in my backyard. The area is close to this via /r/DIY

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