Handling potential lead paint?


About to paint my 100 yr old living room w plaster walls. I know that when I purchased the house 3 yrs ago, every room was blasted with a cheap coat of paint. I need to sand and am scared of what’s underneath. Any advice to fix this messy situation?https://ift.tt/39zGVhW am also thinking of repainting the window trim. A piece of it chipped off and revealed dark stained wood beneath. Should I patch that and paint over the existing paint job or do I strip everything off the wood and go from there? Is option 2 insane/will I die of lead poisoning? I don’t know how old the windows are 😭https://ift.tt/3bIyZ0t and all advice appreciated. (Yes I know I can google this but I prefer human opinions submitted in real time over websites that want me to buy paint stripper for an affiliate commission.) via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/38KlCel

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