How do install an angled piece of laminate flooring?


I’ve been using copy paper to cut out templates for some of the weird angles needed. I’ve now reached a point in the project where I can’t beat it until it works.I cut this specific piece at an angle to match the doorway. I can’t use the tapping block because it doesn’t rest perpendicular to the angle I need to hammer. I tried hammering it anyway and just managed to tear up the end I cut. I’m not too worried since I’m going to place a transition over it.However, I got no where doing this. I then rethought what I was doing and tried locking in the tongue/groove on the vertical side first and then hammering in the horizontal side. This was moooooostly successful, except I have the tiniest gap still left in the vertical groove.Does anyone have any bright ideas? I have more angle pieces to cut like this and I’d rather not have to fight the tongue/grooves every time.Angled Laminate via /r/DIY

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