I built a deck


Happy to answer any questions.The house is a new build and we spent $0 on landscaping due to budget. So it looks pretty rough around the grounds, as I’m slowly improving it as time and funds allow. This month was time for a deck out the back, where we previously had a very rough shitty concrete path and some makeshift steps into the house.The deck is 8m by 3m, used around 200m of kwila (a Fijian hardwood) 140x19mm, 32m H3 2×4’s, 66m H3 6×2’s, 1,000 stainless screws, 600kg concrete, a few hundred nails, 50+ wire dogs. I started building the bones of the deck on New Years Eve, including demolition of the old concrete path. Laying the decking took two full weekends and a week of working lunch times and after work, working 95% alone (my neighbour helped with a track saw for cutting the boards to length for the picture framing). Thankfully had amazing weather all week right up until today when I was doing finishing touches.The process can be seen in the photos and it doesn’t differ from the usual decking process,Dig holes for posts (450-600mm deep with a couple of extra-deep anchor piles, the climate is mild here so we’re not concerned with freeze/thaw).Insert posts, pour concrete. I used rapid set concrete and lined the posts up against a string line by hand as the concrete set. Please no comments on having timber concreted directly in the ground, I realise this isn’t how things are done in USA but here in NZ it’s completely normal and to code. The posts are H4 treated for ground contact and will last 20 years easily.I made up bearers from 2×4’s bolted together with bugle screws. They’re attached to posts using 100mm nails and wire dogs on both sides.Joists are 150x50mm wet pine attached to each bearer with 1x 100mm hand-driven nail and 2x nail gun nails (maybe 60mm?).Then just lay the decking – this took about a week. I meticulously penciled in and pre-drilled every single screw – about 1,000 of them.The finished product is not absolutely perfect, but it’s pretty damn good for an amateur. I’m happy with it. I will probably add a second layer to the end boards to fully hide the joists. Also I ran out of screws at the last minute, that’s why the last end board doesn’t go all the way around.https://ift.tt/3ssXdC1 via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3oWWIxG

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