Question about head clearance above a bed – has anyone lived with a low height to ceiling? Did it work, practically/psychologically?


Has anyone had experience with low head clearances above beds? I‘m considering about 60cm (24”) between the mattress and ceiling, for a growing-to-adult-size child. Positive or negative stories welcome, thanks!Background: I’m planning to build a loft bed for my daughter. The ceiling is 245cm (8‘), so I’ll have to compromise on the height either above or below the mattress. I’ve read that the recommended minimum height above a bed is about 80cm (32“), which would leave me with about 135cm (53”) beneath it – not much. Of course I’ve looked into ‘low height’ options below the bed (desk, sofa etc), but I’d like to get as much headroom down there as possible. Plan is to use it for at least five years, in which we expect my daughter to grow to at least 150cm (5’).All input appreciated :-)Edit: thanks for the thoughtful feedback everyone, what a great community! We’ve decided to go for a lower height with better clearance above (and creative uses of the space below). Your ideas and experiences were genuinely helpful in deciding where to prioritise the space, thanks!In case anyone comes across this in future with the same question, I found a useful diagram with ‘official’ measurements at the bottom of this page (I can’t recommend the company as I know nothing about them otherwise). via /r/DIY

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