Drywalling Attic – dealing with staples?


Hello, I am in the process of finishing my attic. We purchased the house in March of last year and I just finished up insulation throughout and am getting ready to do knee walls. In preperation for Drywalling the ceiling, i took a look at the ceiling rafters and also the bays, and noticed that every staple in the united states of america has been used in my attic.I really have no idea how so many staples have been used in one spot…literally 6 staples in the same exact 1 inch area on one rafter.I started to pick them out using needle nose, but am now getting disheartened that Im going to have to do this for what is likely going to be a couple of weeks.Do I absolutely need to remove all the staples, can i simply hammer them down, should i only worry about any that are sticking out?Thanks, via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3irHZsj

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