I need to physically secure my phone from being stolen!!


Hey guys! So I am currently trying to find a way to secure my phone to a speaker setup at my job. I work at a sawmill and we have a speaker setup with a receiver to play music from, I am going to “donate” my old phone to be used for Spotify for everyone to come along and either play or add their own music to playlists for them to enjoy while working. My only issue is trying to find a way to secure it to the shelf. I’ve thought about buying a case and looping a wire cable through it to essentially secure it but someone could just pop it out of the case. I’m not sure how to properly secure it so someone couldn’t literally just grab it and take it home, also GPS tracking software is already installed and I am working on finishing my own tracking software so that it already being implemented. Any help Is greatly appreciated, thank you!! via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3sDdt3o

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