Water valve was accidentally turned off, caused water hammering when I turned it back on.


Water valve was accidentally turned off, which has caused water hammering since it was turned off.How it happened? I live in a townhouse and the people next door had a plumber that was working on their upstairs plumbing and thought my main valve (which is in my front yard) was theirs and shut it off.I ended up waiting like 10 minutes , since I didn’t know they shut it off, so I was on the phone with the city utilities until I realized they shut it off by mistake.I turned the valve back on, I was happy to have my water back.Later in the evening , we noticed that there was a racket everytime we turned on any of our faucets (This noise was never present before) .I looked up the issue and Saw ‘water hammering’ on google. Some advice is to turn off the valve again , and let all the faucets run off completely emtpy. Then turn the valve back on . I tried doing this method this morning and was unsuccessful. Is there a time that I have I leave the valve off? IS there a time that I have to leave the faucets running? DO I leave the faucets in the running position or off position?This sucks. Any advice would help. We just bought this house in the fall. via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/2M0FOQr

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