Looking for temporary door ideas in a wider hallway


Hello! I’m trying to construct a temporary door to create an ‘air-lock’ of sorts in the entryway hall.Problem: My in-laws might be moving in for a couple months. We rent the home from my in-laws and my spouse and I are moving in a about 6 months. In-laws will be living here after we leave. My assumption is they won’t want this temporary door once we move out.Our reason for needing a temporary door is we have an indoor only cat who likes to door dart. My husband and I have gotten good at preventing his escapes but my mother-in-law can’t seem to prevent the cat from escaping. I really would rather not spend the next 6 months constantly chasing my cat around the neighborhood.We have a slightly wider than average short hallway after our front door. I’d like to install a temporary door solution at the end of this hall that can be left open when we’re home, but closed when we’re gone and just provide a ‘cat-lock’ to help my in-laws and cat co-exist.Any ideas are appreciated! I’ve done some baseline googling but so far haven’t found anything that quite works.It does not need to be sturdy per-say, just block a cat. via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3o5UFpX

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