Help please, how do I seal/repair an invisible, but feel-able hairline crack in stone counter?


Hi all – DIY newbie here. We mistakenly caused a thin crack in our kitchen counter the other day due to leaving a hot pot (with a sous vide) directly on the stone for more than an hour (oof… now we know better). The crack at first looked alarmingly large (photo), but after it cooled down it’s now completely invisible to the naked eye unless you crouch down and find just the right angle and lighting. However, we can still feel the crack when running fingertips over it, even if we can’t see it.Given it’s invisible, our priority is just making sure that we do whatever is necessary to make sure the crack doesn’t get worse or become visible. Right now, we’ve just taped over some plastic wrap to make sure no water or contaminants get into the crack as a stopgap measure.Any suggestions on the best way to handle this? I think I read online that applying a thin clear super glue to the crack, then polishing it with sandpaper to match the surrounding gloss, would work? To be honest I’m not even sure what kind of stone the counter is — looks a bit like quartz maybe?Thanks very much in advance. via /r/DIY

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