Termite-damaged floor joist repair

Greetings, fellow handy redditors,My 1952 house had termites at some point in the past, but we know of no active infestation since we’ve been here. I’m in the process of replacing the plank subfloor with plywood and discovered two joists just inside the front door with significant termite damage. One has at least the top 1/3 compromised (hollow) for roughly the first 3 feet. The other is damaged in the center, but for a smaller area.‚ÄčThis is the worse joist. You can see the hollow down the centerSame worse joist, showing the side damageThis is the second joist, with damage in the middleOther side of the less-damaged oneUpside-down overhead viewI know the normal solution to this situation would be to “sister” a second joist beside this one, but the builder poured the threshold BETWEEN the joists, so there’s only about a 1″ ledge outside the concrete (the joists go 5″ or so back in there).Do I have any other valid options beyond replacing the entire joist?What about the rim joist? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/39O6Na0

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