Wood paint for a 4×4 drawer system


Hi everyone! First time posting here! I built this drawer system for myself, and actually ended up building two for others that I sold and made some money on. I lined the outside with indoor/outdoor carpet, and the drawer face with speaker carpet. However, when you open the drawers, you can see the wood finish. I was thinking of painting them, but was wondering what the simplest way to hide the wood finish, and just have it look like a solid color would be? I’ve used black wood paint on one set I sold, and while it did not look bad, you could see the wood finish. I think I prefer the unpainted wood finish, rather than a painted finish where you can see the grain still.‚Äč[Imgur](https://ift.tt/3p2lqwN) via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/360yFq8

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