Concrete subfloor level for vinyl planks.


Hello, I just installed some Shaw Titan vinyl planks, 200sqft or so worth for a home gym. I looked at the subfloor for unevenness prior. Used a 6ft leveler all over. However I guess I missed a spot. I now noticed about an 1/8 drop between 2 planks then goes back to level. It is probably a span of 4-6 inches wide and another 4-6 inches long. Each plank is roughly 9inches wide. Should I be concerned? I see slight movement where the 2 planks join when walked on. Baseboards and quarter rounds are already in. All other areas are level. Am I being anal/paranoid? Is that within normal movement range? Do I need to pull it all up again and try to level that spot with some self leveler; primer then leveler ?Uneven planks: room: via /r/DIY

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