DIY Concrete Plate Form Ideas? 3D printing or laser cutting?


So, I’m making my own home gym since there are no weight plates available online due to covid. Does anybody have any ideas on which method would be the most economical ways of making a concrete mould for an Olympic weight plate? I made a CAD sketch that I like with Fusion 360 with my specifications, but online 3D printing quotes seems to be really expensive. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make 3D tube form about 2.5″ depth x 17.72″ diameter would be possible without breaking the bank?Other ideas: cut a circle with a scroll saw out of plywood/mdf, then attach metal flashing to itOnline CNC, online laser cutting, or maybe there are ways of cutting costs with 3D printing?I don’t mind paying $100 USD​Cheers. via /r/DIY

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