Emergency Kitchen Cabinet Disaster! Is it DIYable? Insane quote


Hello, everyone, I had a complete cockroach infestation in my kitchen and the smell filled all my cupboards. After investigating the source of the infestation, I found a leak in my kitchen sink that rot the entire sheetrock to crumbles and almost the whole middle cabinet. We fixed the leak and tore down all the rotten sheetrock and cabinet we could get to.It ended up being the entire back sheetrock, the entire back wall and floor of the cabinet, the whole toekick, and half of the cabinet’s both side panels. I was told by the cabinet company I brought. I needed to tear down the whole cabinet, not just the middle one to be safe and sanitize. I was quoted ten grand, and there is no way I can afford anywhere near this.I was wondering how I could go about a DIY. Since the cabinet is still in place, I don’t think I can place a new sheetrock from underneath, especially with the pipes and everything in the way. Is there a spreadable drywall compound I could use that is not plaster since plaster is for small holes? And I suppose just buying wood for the back, side, tops of the cabinet, and a new toekick?Here is a picture of the situation. It looks as if I also have some type of black mold already in the area?​https://preview.redd.it/uo24g1rqysc61.jpg?width=4032&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7d4b1220dc98fb126d145310228647dbd0d1942f​https://preview.redd.it/3jorlupd5tc61.jpg?width=4032&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c48796280bf05144da940167b3433d352e5ed655​https://preview.redd.it/yn8lzhoe5tc61.jpg?width=4032&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=46418ff213821724ae295bf89d38637de88cfe6cExaanded view, so you can see the type of set up ^^ via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/39Oonuw

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