Painting Mud Brick Walls and Plaster


Hi Everyone,My wife and I are renovating an old home in Hungary. We’re getting close to being able to paint, and we hoped we could save a little money by taking on that endeavor ourselves. I’m originally from America, so my experience with painting is limited to drywall.Most of the rooms are a combination of old painted plaster that has been scraped, mixed with newly set plaster (some of it was wet and needed to be removed/replaced). Two of the rooms however have mud/loam brick walls, with certain parts patched in with plaster.My understanding is plaster needs to dry, and then needs to be initially painted with a ‘mist coat’ so that the plaster can absorb some moisture, then once that dries it can be painted normally. I have absolutely no idea what to do with the mud walls. They had plaster on them, and they’ve been scraped by the contractor, but you can see the mud texture on the walls. He mentioned that it might require netting.Do we need to plaster the mud walls before painting? The texture of them at this point does not look like they could just be painted. They are coarse. I tried looking online but I can’t find anything about mud walls. My guess, based on talking to the contractor, is laying down some sort of mesh on top of the mudwall, laying some plaster on top of that, then letting it dry and painting.Apologies – this is the best picture I have at the moment. – wish I took a picture a bit closer so you could see the texture. Like I said before – it’s mudwalls, that have extra mud used to level, and thin layer of plaster layered on top which has been scraped down.Any help would be greatly appreciated.EDIT: For science – here’s what the mud bricks look like once the plaster and mud leveler had been removed – – this wall had a wire mesh put on it with bottlecaps which had nails driven through them, then it was fully plastered. via /r/DIY

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