Replacing a bathroom fan in an apartment


So the apartment I’m in used to be my grandfather’s and the other week the fan in the bathroom stopped working. I asked the Super and he told me it should have just been a vent with a screen, my grandfather must have installed it personally like 50 years ago. So they won’t help there.I’m doing the fixing myself (I am not handy at all, I’m constantly feeling like I am about to break something or get electrocuted or something) and am hesitant to completely take out this unit and put another one in. I’m thinking of just replacing the motor and putting the front back together as it’s apparent that the metal box that’s installed deep in this wall was somehow secured from a side this is no longer available 50 years later to access. It’s like, screwed in deep and has jerry rigged wires behind the hardware.I believe I’ve found the correct part but could use some confirmation so I don’t screw this up. I’ll include photos of everything I’ve pulled out so far, but I’m pretty certain I just need 1 new part. Thanks, be patient I am not sure what I’m doing. Tried cleaning up the parts as best I could. There was a ton of dust dirt and probably mold back there from the last 60 years. Whatever isn’t in this photo is still in the wall, but also cleaned. I think I need the motor, number 9 to replace since the fan stopped spinning.Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5 via /r/DIY

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