Would an L brace (or two) be enough to solve my problem?


The replacement furniture arrived from Wayfair this afternoon. We ordered replacements because when the original furniture arrived, all the tee nuts that the legs screw into fell out during shipment. I originally thought it would be an easy fix to remove the fabric on the bottom, put the tee nuts back in place and scre the legs back in and all good. The problem is two corners of the furniture are completely enclosed and im NOT screwing a hole or taking it apart to retrieve it, so the old couches have been sitting legless on the floor, waiting for our replacements to arrive.The new ones arrive and one leg has the same problem and of course its one of the legs thats enclosed. I bought a tee nut from the local hardware store, thinking the weight of the couch being on top would help keep it in place. What i DIDNT think of was any side to side/front and back motion and that leg is as wobbly as a knee with a torn ACL.I was thinking a couple small L brackets, screwed to the leg and the bottom of the couch would provide enough long term support. Does anyone have any experience with this or any other means to support it appropriately? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/39Vxo4Y

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