Side-mounted garage door motor help


I bought a new side-mounted garage door motor this week, as the old one is about 20 years old, makes awful buzzing noises, and has terrible remote range.Went to uninstall the old one today and it appears as though as it has been installed onto the pole with the door physically on the ground, as it’s impossible to take the motor off the side without hitting the wall.I don’t really have anyone to help me with this, so one-man solutions are what I was aiming for – is it okay to shorten the pole by 3-4 inches, long enough so that it still overhangs the support bracket, but short enough allow sliding the motor off without unmounting the door from the wall? I notice the non-motor side has much less overhang, so I was thinking most of the extra pole is erroneous? I can’t install on the other side, as there’s no power available.Pictures: you in advance via /r/DIY

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