Removing fabric cover from wooden mattress foundation?


I recently ditched my cheap metal bed frame and put the box spring (technically not a box spring, its a foundation) directly on the floor. I was wondering if theres any reason why I couldn’t remove the fabric and just use the wood frame. Besides the fact that it looks ugly, I’m worried about moisture/pests from having it directly on the floor. My cat destroyed the cambric fabric on the underside years ago so there’s no barrier between the floor and the foundation. Is the fabric cover necessary for structural integrity or is it just for appearances? This feels like a stupid question but I wasn’t able to find ANYTHING about it online.Here’s what the underside looks like: imagining something like this: foundation I have doesn’t have as many slats as the one above, but it has a thick cardboard platform that supports the mattress. If I remove the fabric, do I need to add slats or can I just secure the cardboard to the frame?​Thanks in advance!!! Sorry if this is a stupid question via /r/DIY

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