Does this look like a structural component of the garage?


Hi,I was curious if anyone might recognize the reason for this seemingly out of place bracing(?) in my garage. It only looks “out of place” to me because I am ignorant in this regard. For all I know it could be something super normal.Imgur I’m curious because I was looking for a place to mount something for exercise equipment (not here necessarily), and took a closer look at it than I have before. Basically, it looks like 2 section sof 2×4 coming down from the ceiling, braced together against the joist? I thought it may have been something someone added on for some reason, but then I noticed one of the struts(?) are also attached to the vertical 2×4.Forgive my ignorance if I’ve called something entirely the wrong thing! Basically, I’m curious if this is meant to be part of the structural components of the roof? If so, why is it out of place (it’s the only spot in the garage braced like this)?Thanks! via /r/DIY

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