1″ thick “butcher block” counter top desk


I’ve been looking into butcher blocks to make a desk with and found this at Home Depot 6′ x 2′ x 1″ acacia butcher block and while looking through all the posts here I see a lot of inch and a half thick desks but no one inch thick desks.I don’t really have the option to sand and stain during this time of the year so it being stained already is really appealing to me. There are unfinished blocks at lowes for a little cheaper that are an inch and half thick, but it would have to be used for a couple months before I could get it outside to finish it.It looks likes the metal hairpin leg option would work, I’m just wondering if I would need to worry about the thinner block bowing, where I should put the legs, and how deep i should set the screws into the top.It’ll be a computer desk with the tower, a couple monitors, and a tv on it.Thanks in advance for any help. via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/39n57p1

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