Help Mounting TV into Townhome Wall – Keep Running into Layers of Metal and no Wood Studs


Hi there – I’m trying to mount our new 75 inch 75 lb. TV to our shared townhome wall built in 1999. It is a fire/soundproof wall and everywhere the studfinder indicated to be a stud, when I drill there is metal. I drilled several holes in different places to make sure it wasn’t a protective plate, I thought they were metal studs and was going to use toggle bolts. I drilled into the supposed stud, broke through the metal and behind it was more drywall and another layer of metal. I drilled through that and reached another layer of metal. I went in as far as the drill will go and there isn’t enough space behind it to get the toggle bolt through.So in a part without a “stud” I drilled about an inch wide hole to get a camera through to see what was going on back there (which didn’t help). This hollow part has two layers of thick drywall/plasterboard (I dont really know anything about this stuff) and the wall is about an inch and a half thick, and then it has some hollow space and then some metal.The question is – does any one have any idea what the structure is in this type of wall, and since I can not find studs would several toggle bolts in the 1.5″ thick, two layers of plasterboard/drywall hold a 75 inch TV? Thanks so much, I’m desperate and have drilled far too many holes searching for a stud via /r/DIY

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