How to take care of Roofing nails


Hi all, homeowner looking to clean up some roofing nails that are visible from the INSIDE of an atrium. The home is unusual that there is an atrium in the middle of the home, with a portion of the roof actually open to the sky. I think its pretty neat and when it rains, my plants get watered. Anyway, its about 15+ feet up and the nail look UGLY. My real estate agent wants to take care of them and had someone come out and quoted me $200+ to clean them. Mind you when i say clean them up, he wants them cut so they dont stick out and just have a flush roof. I can take a pic if needed as i hope i am explaining this well. Is it safe to cut the nails? Can i also smooth them out with spackle and paint?TIA! via /r/DIY

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